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Research… September 22, 2006

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My Research: Presentations, Papers, and Other Pieces.


1) Internal Representations- an approach to Artificial Intelligence Methodology

2) An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind

3) Rethinking Mental Representations- A study in Cognitive Science.

4) Concept of Knowledge and the Gettier Problem

5) Kant’s theory of Mind in Contemporary terms.

6) Acquisition of Language and Acquiring Minds

7) On Intentionality

8) Re-presenting Intentionality: When Cognitive Science and Philosophy Meet Vakyapadiya

9) Derivations (in prep)

10) A Philosophical Inquiry into the Representational Thesis

Papers (Manuscripts/Abstracts available on request)

1) Consciousness: Phenomenality as the focus of enquiry

2) The Gettier Problem and It’s Limited Scope

3) The Barriers-meaning and experience- To Re-Presenting: an essay in AI

4) Derivations: An essay in Cognitve Science

5) The Only Concept of Consciousness 6) Phenomenology as a Science from Square One

7) Understanding the World in terms of the Study of Words- A study on Vakyapadiya

8) Sabdatattva: the Primacy of Representations (working paper)

9) The theory of Sphota and the data of Cognitive Science (working paper)

10) Representations are not ‘Representations’They are Derivations (working paper)

11) Inference in Indian Philosophy

12) The Broken Arm chair: A Critical Account of Philosophy as Conceptual Analysis

13)  A Philosophical Inquiry into the Representational Thesis

14)  Kripkensteinian Paradox, Cognitive Science and European Starlings: Casting the Philosophers problem in empirical terms (Draft)

15)  Why Kripke’s Solution to the Kripkensteinian Paradox does not Solve it. (Draft)

16)  Realism and the Representational Thesis (Draft) 


1) When Postmodern Bug Bites a Mighty Philosopher- a reading of J. N. Mohanty’s paper

2) The Work of a Philosophical Mind – review of The Mind doesn’t work That Way- Jerry Fodor

3) Colouring Consciousness- a review of Consciousness, Colour and Content- Micheal Tye

4) Perceiving Philosophically- a review of Vision and Mind -Alva Noe and Evan Thompson

5) The Great Indian Intellectual Balancing Act- a review of The Argumentative Indian – Amartya Sen (draft)

6) Review Of Mind -A Brief Introduction. John. R Searle. (Draft)



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